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put out the fire un.灭火 扑灭火;扑灭篝火;扑灭大火 例句 1.Put out the fire before going to bed. 睡觉之前先熄失炉火。 2.Tell the children to put out the fire. 叫孩子们把火熄灭。 3.All the boys ran to put out the fire, but Mike ...





歌曲名:Put Out The Fire 歌手:Queen 专辑:白热地带 They called him a hero In the land of the free But he wouldn't shake my hand boy He disappointed me So I got my handgun And I blew him away That critter was a bad guy I had to ma...

应该是说灭火器里爆发出两股水流,two是指数量,good是指水流强劲 满意请采纳,谢谢

Locked Out Of Heaven - Bruno Mars Oh yeah yeah 噢~耶…… Oh yeah yeah yeah 噢~耶…… Ooh! 噢 Oh yeah yeah 噢~耶…… Oh yeah yeah yeah 噢~耶…… Ooh! 噢 Never had much faith in love or miracles 从未对爱情或是奇迹有任何信仰 Never wanna p...

put out是一个固定词组

你好,很高兴在这里回答你的问题: . . . . help firefighter (put)out the fire. help sb do sth 原形即可


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