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1. Thirty years ago, I walked into your bakery and asked for some loaves(条) of bread to sell. At that time, I was 12 years old. A young lady s 71 me that day. She gave me five loaves and wished me good l 72 . I took the loaves...

1, two 2, other 3, gives( pays) 4, members


1,say.2,mother.3,detiled.4,populer.5,and.6,this.7,diffent.8,things. 9,lovely.10,too.

三、方法指导 短文填空不仅考查学生对短文的阅读理解能力,又考查学生对词汇知识的综合运用能力。那么怎样完成《短文填空》题呢? 步骤一:把方框中的词汇归类 在做此题时不要急于阅读而是按照词类将其归类为:(1)动词,(2)名词,(3)形容...

people open family tree make beautiful night other gives from

71 hospital 72 took 73 in 74 the 75 nurse 76 And 77 found 78 old 79 that 80 by


1-5. Personally; influence; importance; simpler; developed 6-10. without; practicing; doing; healthy; permits


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